the Concept ▨

Yann Bibiyan, a naughty and expresive boy outcasted by local children, teams up with the Devil's little daughter Fute for a lovely journey of mischiefs and discoveries through childhood under the guidance of the preoccupied father. And when the mess is too big, a bunch black craws who work in Hell come in handy with imaginative and ridiculous ideas.

the Synopsis ▨

Yan Bibiyan is a modern day reimagining of the classic Bulgarian children's book targeting the 2-8 year-olds and family. The series of 10 animated episodes is set in the present, with each episode focusing on a single theme like honesty, love, respect, and learning. The attention-grabbing animation, and simple dialogue would add to the appeal of the series. The two main characters are Yan Bibiyan – a 6 years old boy with huge imagination, always ready for adventure, and Fyut – an angel-faced girl with super powers. While they are epitomes of good and evil in the original story, here the two characters play pranks together, but also work together to mend the consequences. The third character is the Parent. Though he is the Devil in the book, here he is just an overworked fater who needs some time to himself and some explaining to understand what his child is up to.

the Story ▨

In each episode the Yan and Fyut duo gets in trouble, usually after some instigation from Fyut. She, however, always has an exit plan for the consequences of their mischief. Yan Bibiyan, on the contrary, opposes any rules and finds himself in difficult situations, learning valuable lessons about life and gradually forming a viewpoint about good and bad, action and consequence. But in the bright world of the series all damage is repairable with the help of some more imagination and effort from our two main characters.